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Jenerxx established by UK Expats Jenny and Bob Chaplin•Mineral filled PP partnership (IPC/Ravago)


Jenerxx established by UK Expats Jenny and Bob Chaplin • Mineral filled PP partnership (IPC/Ravago)


Jenerxx established by UK Expats Jenny and Bob Chaplin • Mineral filled PP partnership (IPC/Ravago)


Jenerxx established by UK Expats Jenny and Bob Chaplin • Mineral filled PP partnership (IPC/Ravago)

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At Jenerxx, we have been providing superior virgin-alternatives for over 20+ years. Our team of plastic industry experts are dedicated to finding the best solution for your needs. Whether it be:

-  Selecting The Right Resin For Your Application
-  Implementing A Virgin-Alternative
-  Creating Custom Formulations
-  Resin Cost Reduction
-  Supplier Diversification
-  Automotive Approvals

The team at Jenerxx can assist with it all! Jenerxx is your agent of change and a proven resource.

We have repeated success with virgin-alternative implementations of multi-year programs, requiring tight spec adherence and high material volume.

We understand the effort that goes into any change in the manufacturing process, as such the team at Jenerxx is committed to yielding reliable results every time!

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Sustainable Resins

Sustainable Resins, is the sister company to Jenerxx, with a focused effort on post-consumer (PCR) and post-industrial (PIR) resin implementation at both large and small consumer brand companies.

At Sustainable Resins, we offer a portfolio of post-consumer (PCR) and post-industrial (PIR) resin materials, derived from municipal waste and industrial scrap otherwise destined for landfill. Our team assists large and small consumer brand companies with:

-  Determination of the Appropriate Alternative(s)
-  Implementation of PIR / PCR Materials
-  Waste Reduction
-  Circular Manufacturing Process
-   Resin Cost Reduction
-  Improved Environmental Impact / Carbon Footprint Reduction

The Sustainable Resins portfolio is certified to meet industry quality standards and many materials have a third party accreditation to assure consistent, genuine PCR content. Like our sister company, Jenerxx, we are able to custom compound recycled resins to meet your specific needs and spec requirements.

At Sustainable Resins, we remove the stigma of unpredictability when using our superior recycled plastic resins!

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Detroit Polymers

Detroit Polymers is a partner and extension of the Jenerxx family. Established by a former automotive materials engineer with more than 25+ years of resin experience.  Detroit Polymers is a trusted source of affordable recycled resin materials capable of producing top-quality plastic resins for your applications.

At Detroit Polymers, we provide equivalent, custom-made resins with similar qualities to virgin resins to a wide range of clients.

With our in-depth customer collaborations, we have been successful assisting both large and small manufacturing teams to improve their E.S.G. initiatives, resolve supply chain limitations and as a certified Minority Owned Business we aid to diversify their supplier base.

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