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For over 20+ years our team of plastic professionals at Jenerxx The Polymer Hub have successfully helped major automotive OEMs, suppliers, molders and many of their partners effectively transition their 100% virgin resin applications to our more cost-effective and sustainable resin materials. Whether it be the introduction of a generic resin meeting the same specs as virgin or incorporating a sustainable material comprised of certified PIR or PCR materials; our unique position allows Jenerxx to create a custom solution to your specific application.

Specializing In:

  • Engineered Resins
  • Commodity Resins
  • Custom Formulations
  • 100% Prime to 100% Recycled
  • OEM Approval Process (50+ OEM Approved Resins)
  • Unique Specifications with Tight Tolerances 
  • Large Quantity Demands
  • Multi-Year Programs
  • Enhanced Testing and Quality Standards
  • Minority Sourcing Solutions
  • Comprehensive Crisis Management
  • Supply Chain Diversification
Exterior Automotive Applications
Underhood Automotive Applications
Interior Automotive Applications
Automotive OEM’s Supplied

High-Performance Polymer Solutions.
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