Kings and Queens of Supply Chain Chaos

“Kings and Queens of Supply Chain Chaos”

Written By: Robert Chaplin, Founding President of Jenerxx

Jenerxx was formed in May 2000 with the aim of providing alternative and sustainable sourcing solutions for plastics, offering low-cost, yet high-quality resin options. Mirroring the well proven pharmaceutical model (hence the name, a play on the word “generic”!). Our secondary goal was to partner with OEM manufacturers, engineers, and designers to obtain specification approval(s) for the alternative resin options. Although these specifications exist for good reason, they are often barriers to change and keep new suppliers and qualified alternative supplies at bay.

Jenerxx has been a remarkable success even during times of supply chain chaos, helping our customers endure and flourish with our alternative resin supplies. When the major producers would implement supply stoppages during recessions, epidemics, hurricanes, or force majeures; our supplies shipped regularly and without disruption. As we enter 2024, the global economy faces numerous supply chain challenges once again. How do you ensure you have quality and sustainable supply options in place?

Many companies struggle with change. It’s easy to stay with what feels the most comfortable and what you know. But could there be a better alternative? At Jenerxx we understand that several facets of a business are impacted by any change and may require the involvement of numerous parties, new drawings may be required, new testing needed, new approvals set forth, color matching and so on. How do you overcome these challenges and implement a cost-effective and sustainable resin option? There are three basic steps to starting the process:

First, you need a passionate and knowledgeable Resin Partner…and that’s where we come in! Second you need competent alternative material sources that understand the challenges and requirements; all of which Jenerxx will bring to you! Lastly, you need to have an empowered champion who has the ability to influence and implement the material change.

We have successfully sold millions of pounds of resin that have gone into applications such as automotive HVAC systems, dashboard components, automotive A / B / C pillars, floor plugs, men’s and women’s razors, humidifier units, dog bowls, laptop cases, farm equipment, outdoor equipment, storage and organizational units, furniture pieces and so MUCH MORE! Some changes took years to implement and get through the finish line due to the layers of approval needed. Others were quickly used as a drop-in replacement to the virgin equivalent.

We know our virgin alternative and sustainable resin materials work!  Don’t hesitate to call us for help with your material chaos. We are here to make the change together!

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Kings and Queens of Supply Chain Chaos

Before you encounter supply chain chaos how do you ensure you have quality and sustainable supply options in place?

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